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Inspection & Health Certification

All animals slaughtered at the ultra modern abottoirs-cum-meat complexes undergo compulsory antemortem and contineous postmortem inspection, performed by the competent Government Veterinarians and the entire compensated Buffalo processing operation is under the contineous supervision of the Indian Government inspection agency. Comprehensive Veterinary Health Certificate is issued for every consignment of compensated Buffalo confirming its suitability for human consumption. This makes us very quality conscious and assured catering of quality product to our customers.
Halal Certification

The meat products are manufactured exclusively from animals which have been slaughtered strictly in accordance to Islamic Rites and a Halal Certificate is provided for every consignment.
Labeling Labels are in English

Labels are in English/Arabic and English. Products can also be labeled in other languages as per requirements of importers.
Quality Policies

Halal Slaughter Line.
A mechanical hide puller flays and skins hides.
Veterinarians conducts postmartem examination of offal and carcasses.
Carcasses Chilling Room.
Deboning of sides and trimming of cuts in air-conditioned deboning halls maintained at 12
Automatic Corned Buffaloes can filling machine.
Automatic Corned Buffaloes can vacuum seamer.
Loading of Corned Buffaloes cans for sterilization in retorts.
Vaccum Packing of boneless ground meat.
Our Products