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HQ 6 Cuts (Hind Quarter)

We are engaged in supplying Hind Quarters and Beef Hind Quarter, which have gained acclamation for high shelf life and free from preservatives. Owing to low cholesterol and fat content, hind quarter of beef are consumed all over the world. In order to maintain taste, aroma and freshness, these meat products are processed and packed under hygienic conditions
Top Side

We provide our customers Top Side buffalo meat, which is low in calorie and tastes great when cooked. Processed under hygienic conditions, our frozen meat products are rich in protein thus, high in demand among our health conscious clients. Further, we carefully pack these meat products so that they can retain their properties for longer period.
Silver Side

We offer our customers Silver Side buffalo meat, which is low in cholesterol and free from supplements. This 95% lean meat is fresh, tasty and appreciated by clients for high nutritional value. We store under sanitized conditions so as to deliver fresh and clean meat to our clients, situated all over the world.
Thick Flank

We are engaged in offering Thick Flank, which is tender, fresh and tastes exotic when roasted. Processed as per prevailing quality standards, our frozen meat products are relished by clients, situated all over the world. Great nutritional value and rich taste make Thick Flank an indispensable requirement for special-occasion meals and holiday feasts.
Rump Steak

We are offering Rump Steak, which is nutritious and yields a cross section of several muscles since it is cut across the whole primal. Good for health, our frozen meat products are stored under proper room temperature to ensure high shelf life. These are offered in different quantities to fulfill various requirements of clients.
Tender Loin

We put forth Tender Loin, which is fresh and offered at most competitive price. This frozen meat product is high in nutritional value and low in cholesterol thus, ideal for customers, who are on low fat diet. Our frozen meat products are processed under hygienic conditions so that it can preserve its taste, tenderness and other properties.
Strip Lion

We provide our clients Strip Lion, which is cost effective, tender and extremely good for heart. It is high in many vitamins such as zinc, potassium, iron, B12 and B6 thus, provides multiple health benefits to customers. We offer Strip Lion in different quantities so as to cater to diverse requirements of customers..
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