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This integrated Meat Complex is located at Meerut City of Uttar Pradesh in India. It has been designed and built to meet most stringent EEC and US FDA standards. In this vertically integrated plant, the main products mainly, Corned Buffalo & Frozen Meat are pressed on the upper floor while the inedible by Products processing is carried out on the ground floor to maintain plant hygiene standards at the highest level.
The People

Al-Saqib is managed by the professionals who are highly efficient, motivated and leave not a single stone unturned, either it be selection of livestock, maintenance of hygienic conditions, packaging or delivery of processed meat.
THE HALAL Slaughter house

Translated from Arabic, Halal literally means lawful or permitted. Halal does not just apply to food however, as it applies to a persons behaviors, habits, and things they consume. In reference to food, Halal rules extend back to how animals were treated in their life. Was it fed and given adequate water? Was it well rested? Was it properly handled? To be truly Halal, there are also restrictions on how the animal must be slaughtered and what blessings are to be read over it as it is slaughtered. Here at Al-Saqib Exports, we take pride in our humane treatment and respect for all of the animals we slaughter. After all, it is not ours, but a gift from the Almighty.

In order to streamline, unify and standardize our Halal Operations We Al-Saqib Exports are registered at, Jamiat Ulama-i-Hind, the largest and the oldest Indian Muslims NGO. It has a distinct & uniform Patented certification format. It is accredited by JAKIM Malaysia. JUH has been certifying Halal food products including beef, mutton and chicken for long both for the domestic and overseas markets

Jamiat Ulama-i-Hind Halal Trust, via its Halal Certificatie, Certifies that the Beef has been slaughtered according to Islamic Rites, in presence & under direct supervision of its authorized representative. Thus our meat is Halal & suitable for consumption for muslims in any part of the world.

Moreover Halal products are not only welcomed by Muslim consumers but by non-Muslim consumers as well as Halal certificate represents high level of hygiene, cleanliness, safety, nutrition and is produced stringently under the requirements of the Islamic Dietary Law. So Today, Halal trademark is an important marketing tool in the international arena particularly if the product is aimed at penetrating Muslim countries.
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Fresh Frozen Meat

The Al-Saqib enjoys the distinction of being the pioneer in the export of frozen meat, exporting its products to destinations world-wide. The Government of India has recognised the company's contributions by conferring APEDA's approval for the consistent export performance for last many years. APEDA "Agricultural & Processed Food Products Export Development Authority" is a statutory Organisation of the Government of India under the Ministry of Commerce is mandated with the range of export development functions with regard to various food products including meat products.

The Al-Saqib Exports Pvt. Ltd. operate in modern integrated complex incorporating live-stock quarantine facilities, mechanised abattoirs, chilling, deboning, packing, freezing and cold storage facilities at strategic locations, and also own a fleet of 12 refrigerated and insulated trucks for movement of the finished products from the manufacturing units to the 1250 M.T. Central Cold Storage facilities and subsequently to the Ports. The export of meat by Al-Saqib Exports Pvt. Ltd. cover lots of countries in South East Asia, Middle East, Africa and the Pacific Basin Nations. The range of Products processed include frozen boneless compensated Buffalo meat which includes the Hindquarter cuts such as Topside, Silverside. Thick flank, Rumpsteak, Tenderloin, Stripling and Fore quarter meat comprising of Blade, Cube Roll, Chuck Tender, Brisket PE Brisket NE and shanks. All the boneless meat products prepared in this composition are guaranteed 95% chemical lean. Each carton and the rest of the packing materials bear the respective product code nos. for easy identification. The polylined cartons are ply-shrink wrapped. The full range of offals (fany meats) are sanitary packed and individually quickly frozen at -40°C. The tripes are processed on latest models of La Parmantiere, French origin machines and its is also possible to supply bleached and scalded tripes. Tendons and Spinal cords are also hygienically collected and quick frozen at -40°C.

All frozen meat products & offals are compulsorily examined by the competent offical designated Government agency which issues international Sanitary/Health Certificate confirming suitability of product for human consumption. These certificates issued after microbiological analysis also confirm the aspect of the meat being derived from healthy, disease free livestock subjected to Ante & Post Mortem examinations.
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